Pico VR g2 4k Virtual reality viewer

lentes visor pico g2 4k

The new virtual reality viewer pico g2 4k created by the company Pico leader in the market of interactive virtual reality glasses or its abbreviations in English "VR" in Asia. Its main buyer is the country of China; its best-selling product in that country is Pico G2 " which is 3K.

While there are currently several companies such as "Pico, Sony, Samsung, and HTC, " multinationals that launch many models of virtual glasses, and in the end we users do not know which one to choose.

This is why I am writing this post to let you know which one is currently considered the 2019 market leader.

Recently the Chinese company has released the pico VR va 4K standalone virtual reality viewer or simply better known as "Pico G2 4K", with a standalone VR headset with a really improved screen of higher resolution. And it is being regarded as the best.

Pico vr g2 4k features

  • As its name explains it is with a 4K screen.
  • Ultra-fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor.
  • Ultra light weight at only 278 gr.
  • Navigation option without manual control.
  • 32 gb of integrated storage.
  • 4 gb of ram.
  • High resolution of 1440 by 1600 for both left and right lenses.
  • Replaceable and easy-to-clean face inserts, "one hygienic step".
  • The shape of the volume has been improved with respect to the previous model.
  • 4DoF tracking.
  • Pico vieport application store etc.

transports us to the best virtual space

These virtual world viewers are estimated to be launched on the market in mid-2019, their cost is less than $300.

This technology started in the video game industry, but it also gave new alternatives to other industries such as architecture, tourism, engineering, medical studies and training, rescue training, army operation drills, among others.

Video Peak at the most powerful lightweight VR headset so far.


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