Protect WhatsApp: Guide to Securing Chats with Fingerprint, Password and Facial Recognition


In the digital age, WhatsApp is not just a communication tool, it is the sanctuary of our conversations, images, videos and invaluable information. With the growing need to protect our privacy, WhatsApp has introduced advanced tools to protect chats, ensuring that only you have access to your most intimate conversations.

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WhatsApp is Your Digital Fortress to Protect Chats and More 🚀

The 'Chat Lock': Your Shield Against Intruders

This feature is WhatsApp's answer to those looking for a safe haven in the digital world. And the best thing is that it gives you the freedom to choose. Instead of applying a lock to all your chats, you can select and protect only those that you consider the most sensitive.

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Steps to Protect Chats on WhatsApp with Fingerprint, Password or Facial Recognition 🛡️

  1. Secure Home: Open the chat you want to protect and go to 'View contact'. There you will find the 'Chat Blocking' option.
  2. Choose your Barrier: Depending on your device, you can choose to 'Lock this chat with fingerprint' or 'Block with Face ID'. Activate your choice.
  3. Quick Access: Curious about your protected chats? Just click 'View' and browse the 'Blocked Chats' folder with complete confidence.

Golden Tips for a Safe Experience:

  • Before diving into this wave of security, verify that your device has an authentication mechanism, whether password or fingerprint.
  • All your secured chats are waiting for you in 'Blocked Chats'. From groups to personal conversations, everything can be protected.
  • Careful! Calls from protected chats will ring normally. So, even if your chat is shielded, you will always be connected!

Why is it essential to protect WhatsApp?

Privacy is a treasure in our connected world. The 'Chat Lock' is WhatsApp's answer to this need, offering a safe haven for your conversations.

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While other apps offer similar features, WhatsApp stands out, always innovating and putting user privacy first.

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It is rumored that WhatsApp has more surprises up its sleeve. From Telegram-type channels to multi-device options. The future is bright!


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