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A call management system helps monitor, record and optimize customer calls. It can record conversations and provide comprehensive call reports on a daily basis. Without in-depth monitoring and analysis, the system cannot optimize the customer experience. Comprehensive reports can include inbound calls, outbound calls, missed calls and call transfers.

What is a call management system?

A call management system is a software application that routes calls and directs them to the appropriate agent. These systems can have a number of different features, such as call queues, IVR menus and hunt groups. Depending on the system, calls can ring at multiple workstations simultaneously, or at a single workstation until an agent answers or a preset period of time passes. Calls can also be automatically routed to another agent if no one answers.

System Call Center also helps improve the quality of customer service by recording calls. Call recordings are used for quality control, to give feedback to agents and to exemplify expected customer interactions. See

Importantly, they allow companies to monitor the performance of their customer service staff and make changes as needed.


1. Bitrix24

bitrix24 crm allows you to manage call centers

Bitrix24 is a powerful CRM that allows you to manage your team and track leads through funnels. It also allows you to communicate with your customers and extinguish fires with the help of integrated communication tools. All this is possible with the help of video conferencing and chat rooms. CRM can also help you manage projects. You can even add videos and podcasts to your calls.

Bitrix24 is free to use for up to six agents. The CRM+ package supports advanced communication tools and CRM marketing features. The Project+ plan supports up to 24 agents and features less advanced online stores. Bitrix24 comes in two business plans: Basic and Professional. The Basic plan offers a free trial period and a demo. Bitrix24 also has a free plan for non-profit organizations.

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2. Centro de contacto de Freshdesk (Freshdesk Contact Center )

freshdesk support ticket management system

Freshdesk Contact Center is a cloud-based contact center software that offers a simple and cost-effective way to manage your customer care. The product includes features such as a knowledge base, chat and email support, as well as advanced call management tools. It is also easy to use and offers a 21-day free trial. However, it's not all sunshine and roses. Some customers have had negative experiences with the company's customer service staff. Others had problems with call quality, but noted that their VoIP software worked perfectly.

Freshdesk Contact Center is easy to set up and uses the latest technologies to improve customer service. Formerly known as Freshcaller, the software is easy to set up and requires zero phone hardware. It also comes with features such as voice-enabled IVR, native voice intelligence and post-call transcription. Its advanced analytics and reporting features are another advantage of Freshdesk Contact Center.

3. RingCentral cloud-based call center

ringcentral cloud-based call center

If you are a small business owner looking to improve customer service and increase sales, RingCentral may be the answer. This cloud-based software has pre-built integrations that allow you to work with almost any technology and minimizes disruptions.

RingCentral offers a mobile app. RingCentral allows customers to manage and share information with each other without compromising quality of service. And because it is cloud-based, it integrates seamlessly with RingCentral MVP, one of the best voip services available for businesses of all sizes.

While RingCentral offers a free trial, its pricing plans are not affordable for all small businesses.

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RingCentral software is also relatively expensive: a free trial is only available for five users, two desktop lines and 50 minutes of domestic calls per user. However, it does have some advantages, especially for small businesses. Compared to its competitors, RingCentral offers more advanced features for less money.

4. Cloudtalk ( perfect for your call center SME )

cloudtalk call manager software

Cloudtalk software offers customizable dashboards and allows administrators and agents to assign different roles, such as agents or supervisors. Analysts can monitor calls and statistics, but cannot make them. Regardless of the role, Cloudtalk can provide you with the tools you need to improve your call center and increase your business profitability.

Subscription plans offered by CloudTalk vary in price and features. The most basic package costs just $15 per month per user. It includes features such as call queuing and automated call distribution. The most popular package, the Essential, costs $20 per month per user. The Ultimate plan includes more features and costs more.

A 14-day free trial of the CloudTalk software is available. Alternatively, you can opt to pay a one-time fee for the entire year.

The CloudTalk software call center allows companies to connect with other tools and integrate with existing enterprise software. Inbound and outbound call routing is automated, and the software integrates with leading CRM tools.

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5. Five9

five9 five 9 solution for your business
five9 five 9 solution for your business

Companies using Five9 call management software will appreciate its versatility. It is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, subcontractors, sales and marketing departments, finance departments and collections teams. Although it was first designed for small businesses, it has become a popular solution with large companies around the world.

It has more than 2,000 customers worldwide, including Expedia and Vonage. The Five9 service has been used in enterprises and government agencies for more than 18 years, and offers a free trial period before purchasing a full-featured software subscription.

Five9's intelligent virtual agent feature provides real-time transcription and AI communication technology to answer frequently asked questions. Five9's Agent Assist feature provides agents with guidance and reminders during calls, reducing customer frustration.

It also has a comprehensive knowledge base that teaches agents about customer preferences. Five9 provides world-class customer care. A comprehensive knowledge base, online resources and case studies are available to help customers understand the software.

The five-minute call recording option is another useful feature. It allows you to monitor call quality to meet regulatory requirements. It can also be used for training and live monitoring. It helps telesales and support operations run smoothly. One drawback of Five9 is that it does not allow you to view chat sessions or adjust the recording speed. Instead, you must log in as an agent to view this information.

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The basic concept behind call management systems is to route calls to maximize specific outcomes. For example, callers are more satisfied when they talk to the same agent. Setting up the routing correctly will ensure that callers don't wait in line and don't get burned out. These are the three types of call management systems - which one will best meet your needs? Read on to learn more. -Cloud-based, on-premises and on-demand?

1. Cloud-based

A cloud-based call management system is an excellent way to optimize your company's communications. The system will allow you to manage your communications through a single interface, while automating tasks such as voicemail resolution and call forwarding. With a cloud-based call management system, you can choose the number of agents that will receive the call and set up rules for how these agents should be routed. You can also integrate this type of call management system with your CRM, which allows you to manage your customer interactions and contact data.

2. On-premise

An on-premises call management system is a telephone system that is configured and operated by a company. The company is responsible for the maintenance, upgrades and expenses of the system. An on-premises call management system allows a company to maintain control over its functions and can reduce costs in a number of ways. In addition, companies can manage their own employees, which is useful if they have limited IT staff. The following are some advantages of an on-premises call management system.

3. On-demand

On-demand call management systems come with a variety of features, including call recording and pause/playback. The On-Demand client must be installed on each workstation. It must also be configured to connect to the server.

If an on-demand solution does not have desktop recording control, you may need to do this manually. This process will be much less complex if you use a desktop-only On-Demand solution.

4. Integrated with CRM

Integrate with CRM, Messenger applications can help you communicate with your customers by storing their personal data, including any queries they may have.


call center communicating with customer

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Improve the customer experience

One of the easiest ways to improve the customer experience is by implementing a call management system. A well-designed system will help you achieve specific results based on a predefined strategy. While some solutions are complex, others are simple and overlooked. Ultimately, the goal is to improve customer satisfaction by reducing the number of calls your company receives while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. Several metrics are essential to evaluate the performance of your customer service team.

In the UK alone, 15 billion PS is lost annually as a result of poor customer service. Implementing a call management system will enable you to improve customer satisfaction and your bottom line by reducing the number of transfers and improving call flow efficiency. By making calls more efficient, you can resolve customer inquiries more quickly. Also, consider that 39% of consumers would like intelligent self-service, which will reduce customer frustration.

"Let's see more of the benefits of the call management system ..."

  • Another important aspect of improving the customer experience is implementing the right technology. A customer satisfaction survey conducted by Microsoft revealed that 33% of consumers rated first contact resolution as the most important factor in a satisfactory experience. Therefore, it is important to understand that your customers do not like to have problems lingering in their minds for weeks or months. Therefore, it is vital to implement a system that can resolve customer issues quickly.
  • A good call management system should be integrated with website experience analysis platforms. A good online experience can generate sales, and a bad one can result in many lost opportunities. By integrating a call management system with your website, you can make the necessary adjustments and improve the customer experience. This will lead to more efficient business and increased customer loyalty. Finally, call management solutions help you monitor the quality of the customer experience so you can make your customers happy.
  • A good call management system will also provide your agents with the resources and tools they need to resolve issues quickly. Adding a chatbot to your call center system can ensure that your agents are ready to resolve issues in the shortest possible time. In addition, it allows your agents to extend their authority to make simple decisions and create an Internal Knowledge Base. By implementing a call management system, you can improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue.

works with call software remote work

Increases employee productivity

A call management system can increase employee productivity by enabling managers to track employee workflow. By providing detailed analysis and reporting on the time and effort employees spend on applications, managers can understand where their employees can improve their productivity.

In addition, user behavior monitoring software can reveal gaps between high and low performers and help them focus on what works best for the business. This data can be used to develop employee performance improvement plans and create training sessions to make it easier for employees to use the system.

Reducing dropped calls with a good SCC

Missed calls are a big problem for businesses, and while many see them as an inevitable part of running a business, they are not something you want to tolerate. Missing a call can cost you revenue and sales, and your customers may be frustrated when you don't pick up the phone.

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Using these softwares can help you better manage your staff, avoiding overstaffing during high volume times and understaffing during low volume periods.

""A great opportunity"

Inbound calls are missed if a customer is not connected to an advisor or answering service. This can happen when a customer hangs up before reaching an agent, or when the center intentionally disconnects the call. An abandonment rate of more than two percent is unacceptable and deserves further investigation.

You can minimize your abandonment rate by reducing the average speed of answer (ASA) and shortening the queue.

System Call Center improves employee morale

"Creating a fun culture at work is another way to boost employee morale."

Whether you're trying to recruit the next big project or just want to keep your current staff happy, an effective call management system is a great way to do it.

"One company that consistently ranks as a best place to work is Canva."

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The company Canva uses an online culture platform called Disco, which integrates with Slack. Similarly, using a virtual employee recognition program is a great way to encourage teamwork and communication, and can be a great way to improve morale at your company.

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